Saturday, November 1, 2008


The last time I had a logo designed (the Comfy Bear), Julia came up with the face and I think the plunger....two of the most important details that have made the logo a classic. She has been, of course, rewarded generously for that contribution. I believe she was paid 60 minutes an hour and I think still hasn't used up her full amount of time. With that in mind.....I have another proposal for all of you for my newest business....Alaska BTU. I have use the name off and on for several years, but now have the perfect application for it in my Energy Rater endeavor. IT'S A CONTEST, TO SEE WHO CAN COME UP WITH THE BEST DESIGN FOR ALASKA BTU....and of course, the winner will receive my all time coveted and sought after favorite......60 minutes an hour as complete payment for said Logo. Here is the basic igloo...that is cut away, exposing part of the inside....the inside has a burst of energy that starts red in the middle, orange, yellow and then blue and finally white around the edges of the igloo. The igloo is all about Alaska.....everyone lives in one here....and the burst will say BTU or Warmth take it from two three go!!.......don't forget.....the winner gets 60 minutes per hour, so keep track of your time.
-- Dad --

Is the Plan still working??

While digging through drawers of stuff while PACKING, I ran across this little note. No wonder I saved it! It's classic.

So, is it still working?!
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