Saturday, November 1, 2008


The last time I had a logo designed (the Comfy Bear), Julia came up with the face and I think the plunger....two of the most important details that have made the logo a classic. She has been, of course, rewarded generously for that contribution. I believe she was paid 60 minutes an hour and I think still hasn't used up her full amount of time. With that in mind.....I have another proposal for all of you for my newest business....Alaska BTU. I have use the name off and on for several years, but now have the perfect application for it in my Energy Rater endeavor. IT'S A CONTEST, TO SEE WHO CAN COME UP WITH THE BEST DESIGN FOR ALASKA BTU....and of course, the winner will receive my all time coveted and sought after favorite......60 minutes an hour as complete payment for said Logo. Here is the basic igloo...that is cut away, exposing part of the inside....the inside has a burst of energy that starts red in the middle, orange, yellow and then blue and finally white around the edges of the igloo. The igloo is all about Alaska.....everyone lives in one here....and the burst will say BTU or Warmth take it from two three go!!.......don't forget.....the winner gets 60 minutes per hour, so keep track of your time.
-- Dad --


annie said...

I always felt a little cheated as a kid getting paid 60 minutes an hour... that was until I had my own kids and I learned that it was the best payment for a lot of stuff. It really works out great! I'll get on that designing. :o) (oh and do grandkids get 30 minutes an hour or the full 60?)

SoCalHirts said...

I'll do it for even cheaper. I'll give you 10 min per hour.

Marketing 101. The best logos are simple. Well thought out, but not complicated and overly detailed. Something that is easily recognizable and identified, but doesn't need to speak a full message. Think of your bigger companies that have branded themselves well, Sears, Home Depot, Staples, Nordstroms, McDonalds, etc. When a logo gets complicated it gets hard to figure out. I think there no better example than the Alaska state flag. Simple, memorable, makes sense, and you don't have to try to figure it out. Compare it to Other states with complicated logo like Utah. No one knows what's on that thing unless you studied it in school.

Your description sounds like there is a ton going on in your logo. What about just a red igloo for your logo with your name. It is easy, people identify with the logo, and a red one is different from others enough that it will catch attention.

Maggie used to work for a Graphic Design company. Check out some of their work at.... If your interested, I might be able to get a favor out of these guys for you. I'll call them and see what I can get them to do.

Best of luck

Eva said...

I need 60 minutes an hour for sure! I'll get right on this... does it matter that I have no drawing or design skills?!

Julia Harps said...

I told micah and he got excited but quickly forgot. I will have to remind him. Maybe ammon will like a go at it too.

Katie said...

Have you figured anything out yet? Do we need to call in some troops? I've used a good graphic designer and he was only $20 an hour. He could probably draw something up in less than an hour and have it as an image to use on anything you need. Let me know if you want his information.

I agree with Jon, keep it simple